Our legacy begins

with the Cancilla and the Batallia families setting sail for the States from the island of Sicily in the early 1900's. James Cancilla and Mary Batallia emigrated here, knowing that they would be married upon arrival as part of a pre-arranged marriage between the two families.

They settled in the south hills of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Jimmy quickly found work in the many 'Steel Mills' that bordered the city's three rivers.

With a solid income, the young couple settled in with the ever-growing Italian population of the city and raised their seven children: Ida, Mary, Anthony, Phillip, Anna Mae, Betty, and Dorthy.

In time, the family opened their first restaurant 'Mona Lisa' in the local neighborhood of Brentwood; Specializing in fine Italian dinners and quality cocktails.

Dorthy, the youngest of the 7 children, met and fell in love with the son of German immigrants, Donald Deering. They gave birth to their first-born son of the same name.

Dorthy went on to raise her 7 children on the South Side Flats. The very same streets where our restaurant is located today. Don Jr. would have two sons, Donnie and Bryan. Donnie and Bryan opened Cancillas Sicilian Kitchen and Pizzeria in August of 2021 with a vision of celebrating their family history and keeping true to the simplicity of flavorful fresh food made with love.

Executive Chef Donnie Deering

Passionate about an overall outstanding experience, Executive Chef Donnie Deering grew up in the food service industry. Beginning at the age of 15, he has worked hands-on most of his life, learning from both the guest's perception to the cook's reality.

He has been able to provide exceptional service and outstanding food in an impeccably clean, warm, and welcoming environment. He instills a sense of genuine hospitality within all employees that extends through in a really relatable way to each and every guest. 35 years of perfecting his passion for the industry, he now sets off to bring it all together as he takes on an ownership role in his authentic Sicilian Italian family restaurant.